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Vivla's second home ownership
Lifestyle·27/01/2023· Luna Marcos

Vivla’s second home ownership: an inspiring video

Get inspired about new ways to improve your lifestyle while enjoying flexible second home ownership. Watch our Vivla video.

Imagine owning an amazing villa, but paying only for the part that you can or want to afford. Fractional ownership allows buyers to get much more for their money.

It is hard to make the decision to buy a second home, when you know you will use it just a few weeks a year. But what if you could pay for just those weeks, and still fully own your part of the home?

Enter a new world of possibilities by means of flexible ownership. You don’t need to live halfway, you can just get the best of everything, by buying smart, and enjoying a totally different quality of life.

Watch our video to understand Vivla’s philosophy of living and buying property.

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