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The Vivla Manifesto
Lifestyle·27/01/2023· Luna Marcos

The Vivla Manifesto

Read the Vivla Manifesto and share the mindset.

Exciting homes full of life,
exciting lives filled with homes.

The life we’ve all been missing

It’s 2023, and the pandemic has forever changed the way we live, work and travel. But we’re just getting adjusted. Before COVID-19 struck us, we were limited to working in an office every day and living in the same place 11 months a year.

Companies like Zoom, Google, Microsoft and Apple have liberated millions of people to work and live anywhere they want year round. Breaking free from an office means we can now live anywhere, design a new lifestyle and redefine our concept of home. But we need new solutions in order to do that.

A decentralized way of living requires an unprecedented level of flexibility in the real estate industry: from hospitality, to lease of office buildings, all the way to residential homes. The traditional models of lease and ownership are inefficient, expensive, rigid and inconvenient. We believe there’s a better way. A better lifestyle is possible. It starts with flexibility, transparency and peace of mind. And Mondays that taste like Saturdays. A life where you can live anywhere, anytime, and always feel at home.

Vivla brings in a simplified and flexible way to experience travel and life. It starts with flexible home ownership. It is achieved through transparent pricing, hassle free management and the flexibility to buy what you want to use and what you can afford. We offer you the possibility of managing your wealth in the best way possible, giving you peace of mind, limitless enjoyment of your free time and, in essence, just the life you’ve been missing.

“Home is the nicest word there is”, Laura Ingalls Wilder

We agree with Laura. We love the feeling of being at home: sleeping on your own pillows, relaxing on your favorite sofa, or cooking your favorite dinner for your loved ones. And we want you to experience that feeling at a whole new level. We are developing the largest network of unique properties with access to exclusive services across top destinations in Southern Europe like Marbella, Ibiza, Mallorca or Madrid. We are here to help you find, buy and enjoy your dream getaway home. One that belongs to you and invites you to escape to the life of freedom and possibility you’ve been missing and dreaming about.

Life is beautiful. Vivla la Vida!

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