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How to buy a second home in Spain with VIVLA
Product·21/02/2023· Luna Marcos

How to buy a second home in Spain with VIVLA

Owning a second home has always been a sign of status, anywhere in the world. More specifically, having a second home in Spain gives you a true quality of life. But second homes are expensive and even more so maintaining them, so VIVLA’s fractional ownership offers a true alternative to fully enjoying a getaway to call your own.

Spain has always been an important market for second home ownership. As caixabankresearch shows, Spain is the second country in Europe with the biggest number of second homes, only after Malta, and 14% of Spanish households own a second home.

The Spanish real estate market has been quickly recovering in the last year. In consequence, prices are escalating and demand is increasing. So new models to buy a second property in Spain are emerging.

Fractional ownership in Spain is booming because of the many benefits and the flexibility it brings to potential buyers. It allows people to buy second homes in an affordable, easy and flexible way. And best of all, it gives buyers access to better homes and the choice to keep their finances safe by diversifying risks and minimizing costs.

Let’s keep reading to get to know VIVLA’s fractional ownership in more detail below. 

How to buy a second home in Spain the VIVLA way

The basic notion of fractional ownership is becoming quite popular. Typically, a company like VIVLA will establish an LLC and buy property through it. The property is divided into fractions, usually 8, and each buyer becomes the full owner of one or more of its fractions. VIVLA manages the LLC but does not own it, buyers do.

VIVLA has established a strong relationship with the best legal and real estate firms in Spain to have your back covered. We hold each buyer’s hand before, during and after each purchase is completed, and owners do not need to worry about anything, since we take care of all the paperwork for you. 

Each fraction gives owners 6 full weeks of use per year: if, let’s say, they buy more than one share of a villa in Spain, they will increase their weeks of use as well as their maintenance costs.

When a buyer chooses one of our homes, they will make a deposit in order to secure the place. VIVLA will close the sale with the rest of co owners, accept all final payments and transfer ownership of the home to the LLC and therefore the group of shareholders.

If you come with a specific group of buyers you are ready to buy a property with, we will be happy to set up your LLC and make it happen for all of you.

You can also resell or exchange your shares after a minimum latency period.

The cost of VIVLA’s fractional homes

The cost of each fraction of a Spanish second home with VIVLA depends on the total selling price of the home. You can check out our listings at VIVLA to have an idea of what each fraction can cost you and the type of properties you can access.

Besides the cost of your fraction, owners pay a monthly fee which covers the following basics:

  • management of the LLC 
  • regular maintenance costs split among all shareholders (think home services, utilities and other property fees, with no markup from us)
  • 24/7 concierge services
  • Maintenance and development of the latest technology to guarantee the best use of each home

Maintenance costs and legal fees are proportional to the number of shares buyers purchase from the same property. Like with any property, there will also be repairing costs, which will be covered through a common annual fund kept by owners. 

How VIVLA finds your perfect home in Spain 

We know looking for a perfect home is not easy. When it comes to buying a home in Spain, there are so many options it might get a bit confusing, especially if you are not familiar with the country. 

Our VIVLA real estate experts work with the best local partners in Spain and have access to superior home listings and important information in really sought-after areas. They are experts in Spain’s second home market and really understand customer needs and worries. 

We become your personal counselors and keep constant communication with you to understand what you need and follow through until we find you the perfect home. We don’t just sell homes, we establish personal, long-lasting relationships with our customers.

You can bring your own real estate agent with you if you have one. We will work hand in hand to help you. 

The VIVLA quality seal

We don’t fill up listings with any home that looks ok. VIVLA’s expert and Director of Real Estate Operations Lucas Araoz, personally visits and inspects each specific home. For each property he verifies a 150 point quality check, to make sure it meets all the specific VIVLA quality requirements and market standards. 

When a home passes the VIVLA filter, we know we are passing on a good special property to our customers, that they will enjoy for a long time. 

The VIVLA second home experience

At VIVLA we want to close the full circle of finding, owning and enjoying a second home in Spain and make it an unforgettable experience. 

In order to make each stay special and hassle free, our homes are fully managed by a team of experienced professionals, so you don’t have to worry about absolutely anything other than having fun. 

Our property management takes care of an array of services including gardening and cleaning services, storing your belongings and placing them upon your arrival, stocking your fridge, or any other special needs you may need upon request. 

We know the greatest difficulty of truly enjoying a second home is dealing with regular  maintenance and fine tuning it each time you arrive, so we work really hard to make your second home experience in Spain as cozy and seamless as possible.

What the sign-up process is like at VIVLA

This is what it is like to become part of the VIVLA experience:

  • Contact the VIVLA team by filling out our form, or schedule a call with our client services expert. She will try to get to know you a bit better to see what your needs and expectations are. 
  • After a first introductory call, you will talk to one of our real estate agents in order to make a detailed plan to better understand the type of property you are looking for. 
  • After the call, they will share a listing of properties especially prepared for you. If you have any listing of your own, you can also share it with them. 

With VIVLA you buy and invest in property in a smart way. VIVLA’s fractional ownership is the best way to purchase a second home in Spain, since you pay just for the part of the house you need and the amount of time you will actually use, while greatly dividing costs and other legal fees. It’s a much more profitable way to access better homes and enjoy them, by  acquiring an asset that will appreciate safely and will have a good return on investment.  

Come aboard the new, smart and easy way to buy a quality second home in Spain with no hassle or financial constraints. Contact us today.

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