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Real Estate·10/03/2022· Raúl Alonso Moreno

Five good reasons to invest in Spanish property

Spain is one of the best holiday destinations in Europe, so much so that many foreign visitors decide to make it their second residence. Purchasing Spanish property is a great idea. In this article we will explain the main reasons why you should make Spain your second home.

Investing in a property in Spain can be a brilliant idea for those people who want to enjoy a country that pretty much has everything you can enjoy, and at a much lower price than many of its counterparts in the European Union.

Spaniards enjoy a whopping 300 sunny days a year. Its unbelievable climate, the endless options for gorgeous food, and the charm of its towns are some of the reasons it is one of the most preferred holiday destinations in Europe. Many times tourists who go for the first time repeat the experience, fall in love with the country, and end up wanting to stay longer.

These 5 reasons will show you why buying property in Spain is definitely a safe bet.

Investing in a property in Spain can be a brilliant idea for those people who want to enjoy a country that pretty much has everything you can enjoy, and at a much lower price than many of its counterparts in the European Union.

If Spain has become your number one holiday spot and you are totally obsessed with everything it has to offer, you may consider buying a Spanish property. The amazing landscape, the exquisite variety of food and the really rich cultural scene will make each visit unique and unforgettable, and you will be so eager to repeat every year you may want to call Spain your home. But there is much more to Spain. Today we want to tell you 5 reasons why investing in the Mediterranean country is a really good and sound option.

Spain is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and most likely in the world. The endless charm it possesses attracts thousands of tourists every year who want to fully enjoy the glorious weather, the chance to escape and relax and an infinite list of activities for every taste. Many of its visitors love the country so much, they end up considering buying a home there.

We would probably come up with a list of 300 reasons to have a second home in Spain, one for each sunny day, but let’s start with 5 really solid ones to spark your thinking.

Five great reasons to buy a second home in Spain

Invest in a great real estate market

If you are thinking about buying property abroad, Spain is a great location to do so. Its real estate market is very attractive to many investors because it is stable and safe. The Spanish economy is one of the strongest in the European Union and there are predictions in the real estate industry that announce a moderate increase with a peak in demand in areas like Marbella, Madrid and Majorca.

Unique culinary experience

Picture your taste buds welcoming an out of a kind cured serrano ham, a Rioja wine with Manchego cheese, or an exquisite selection of fresh fish and seafood. Spain has a great variety of incredible local cuisine, with excellent ingredients and recipes that makes every day an out of this world culinary experience and a constant party for your five senses.

Spain offers endless culinary options to delight your senses

On the other hand, Spain is the epitome of the Mediterranean diet, which is the gateway to a healthy lifestyle and can introduce you to the very craved slow life and the traditional way of living.

There are also countless options for great bars and restaurants where you can enjoy many different types of meals elaborated by amazing cooks. When you sit at a Spanish table, the eating experience promises to be anything but boring.

Easy Access

One of the most pressing reasons to buy property in Spain is its remarkable infrastructure and how well connected it is to the rest of the world. Public transportation is one of the best in Europe and it gives access to every little town or city on the map. The quality of the transport is amazing and it is considerably cheaper than many other places in Europe, not to forget its unbelievable network of high speed trains.

If on the other hand you prefer to be behind the wheel and create your own road trip, the Spanish road system is usually good and safe, and its highways are very well connected.

Culture in every corner

Besides the sun and the food, Spain has a unique historical legacy. Many world civilizations have inhabited its land and have left a mark of unbelievable value. There is evidence of that in every town you visit and it will highly satisfy visitors who have a great interest in Spain’s historical charm and wish to immerse themselves in its myriad of cultures during their holidays.

Spain has 49 sites that have been declared Unesco’s World Heritage Sites, only surpassed in numbers by China and Italy in the whole world. Spain is a never ending source of cultural sites that you cannot miss; from Granada’s Alhambra to the prehistoric art of Valle de Côa and Siega Verde, all the way through the historical neighborhoods of Alcalá de Henares or the avant-garde industrial aesthetics of the Biscaia bridge.

Safety and peace of mind

Spain is one of the safest places in the world. According to the OCDE, Spain is one of the countries with the highest quality of life on the planet and has some of the lowest crime rates, which translates into higher safety and peace of mind for its inhabitants.

On the other hand, it has a strong and universal public health system. Bloomberg’s prestigious index, which studies the current situation of 200 countries in the world, chose the Spanish health system as the most efficient in Europe in 2019 and ranked it 3rd in the world.

Should you buy a property in Spain? Absolutely, but with all guarantees

Buying a property abroad is a very important step and you should do it in a safe and guaranteed environment. You should hire expert professional services if you want to have absolute peace of mind. That way you will not have to worry about complex and tedious paperwork that you don’t understand and which will take much of your time.

If you also want to maximize your investment and make it more profitable as well as make the most of your time in the sun, you should have a look at the new emerging home purchasing models that are making a strong entrance into the real estate market.

There is a new type of second home ownership which is based on buying smart, flexible and sustainably. This new shared ownership model eliminates common difficulties that usually stem from the traditional way of purchasing a second home, like the high annual maintenance cost and the very likely fact that the home will remain unoccupied for most of the time.

Vivla’s share system offers the opportunity to enjoy spectacular villas in great Spanish destinations at affordable prices. You only pay for the amount of property that you need to use. You get 6.5 weeks of use each year when you buy a minimum of ⅛ of the property. This makes your home purchase much more intelligent and sustainable, also because maintenance costs are shared among the rest of the home owners. It’s an excellent way to invest in true quality of life and enjoy your destination as a homeowner. And you can resell your home shares any time you want, profiting from the increase in value.

This type of ownership is much more than buying a home, it is a new philosophy of life. It focuses on investing in quality of living, and not just because of the flexibility it gives to buyers. You get exclusive services from a team of experts who manage your home year round and who make your stay unforgettable each time you visit.

Find out more about this redefined concept of property.

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